Chicken Little Loses His Pen

    I would very much prefer that writers stop condemning the paper book into oblivion. It is not gone yet, and though you, Mister Techno-Writer, may spend all of your time on Twitter, there are plenty of literary folk who do not.
    Recently I joined the Twitter thing, as the need to effectively publicize myself has become more relevant, due to my first novel almost being complete. In browsing various writerly interviews and speeches and blogs and what-have-you, I have noticed a good number of these milquetoasty individuals spend hours at a time denouncing the paper book as obsolete trash.
    Twitter is neat–I get that. It is fast, and writers have adjusted their prose accordingly. But please, do not get caught up in the newness of it all. It is a useful tool, that is used in conjunction with the book, but I sincerely doubt this is the end of the book as we know it. Just keep writing, and stop doomsaying; you are not helping the cause.
    I am almost certain these people, who so vehemently insist that downloadable literature has all ready replaced paperback, are only saying so because their work is not selling. No amount of technology can fix mediocrity, I’m afraid.

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  1. You’re right, no amount of technology can replace the feel of a book in your hands. The texture, weight, smell of a book is as much a part of the experience as the writing itself. That’s on top of the disadvantages of attempting to read and digest material on a screen.

    Congrats on your first novel.


  2. Books made from paper are SO 20th century. You really need to wake up and smell the Venti, Non-Fat, No Foam, No water, 6 pump, extra hot, chai tea latte. Paper kills trees and killing trees are bad. Don’t be surprised when the next time you wander out of Barnes & Noble’s with your ill-gotten tree-corpse item and I throw tree sap (a biodegradable synthetic, of course) at you while shouting “Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg was a Earth-killing facist!”

    • At first, I was unsure whether you were being serious. Then I noticed the e-mail address…

      You really ought to get that thing looked at. Gives your whole presence away.

      • “I was unsure whether you were being serious.” I get that a lot. (Though I’m hard-pressed to know which part sounded like I was, really now…) Email was done on purpose- anonymity is for trolls…

  3. I love the title on this post. Personally, I love doomsaying… it’s a great American pasttime like baseball. I’m afraid your Kindle will be swallowed by the fiery doom of 2012. Repent!

    “No amount of technology can fix mediocrity.” When’s the last time you heard pop music, friend?

    • I avoid pop music at all costs, since auto-tune has not “fixed” anything there. I have to admit though, your doomsaying to baseball analogy is pretty damn good.

      Touche’, my friend. Touche’…

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