Girls Will Run The World

    A fellow blogger, whom I respect dearly, recently posted about the new Steve Carrell film: Crazy Stupid Love. She opened by noting that men no longer make grand gestures for the women they love, especially those they are about to lose, or have not won yet.

    I agree that these gestures are vital to successful partnerships of any kind. I also agree that they’re probably missing, these days. I posted a comment, which I have copied below, regarding my personal theory as to why. No it’s not, “Chivalry is dead and women killed it.” Nor is it, “You wanted equality—now you got it.” Those theories are ridiculous and only partially true.


    Oh come now.

    The hopeless romantic isn’t dead, he’s terrified. Female empowerment has finally taken a firm hold on his balls. There’s still more squeezing to come, I think, before women have a strong enough sense of identity to lessen the grip. It’s understandable—recovery from being treated as second class citizens does not come easy.

    The new woman scares him. This modern woman; Beyonce and all that. Man has always been terrified of women. Why else would he have oppressed them? Once he sees they’re not a threat, he can begin to reasses his own identity, and the cycle of gender evolution continues.

    Man is actually a sucker for romance, for grand gestures. Man is vain. Most gifts are vanity in disguise. Man loves to be loved. But that vanity, that need to be loved, is much more fragile in man than it is in woman. Man doesn’t watch romantic movies because man will simply crumble before the screen. Besides, man has his own media-enforced programming to cope with. Man’s social confusion is often overlooked, which is understandable because it is definitely not their turn.

    If I don’t stop here this’ll end up a book, so I’m stopping. Just be patient. Have a little faith. Man isn’t romantically retarded; man is retarded.


    To check out the original post from the blog of Eleanor Gwyn-Jones, From a Corner of a Foreign Field, click here.

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